Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Packing is fun.

I don't really like packing at the best of times. Fortunately my boss, bless his cotton socks, told me to take the rest of the afternoon off after I handed in a pretty good piece of work earlier than either of us expected. I can take 20kg of check in luggage and another 7kg of hand luggage and I'm told they are pretty strict about it. As it happens, I'm packing about 41kg of check in, so I can take a good UPS, a printer and a coffee maker to Dili. My son Three Strokes contentedly remarked that I'm a nerd.

So I'm nearly packed (just the laptop and a first aid kit to go), and I'm about as ready as Ethelred to face the new scene. I have a list of contacts, there's a family friend or two and I'll be staying virtually on the dance floor of one of Dili's live venues-cum-sports bars. That will presumably be OK while I'm alone, but I can't imagine Just Add Water taking to it too readily.

Time to tie up all the loose ends and head on out to the unknown.

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