Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Best (?) laid plans

I’ve been having endless and fairly boring problems getting and keeping an internet connection and as a result have had to use two different computers to do my work on. [Warning: Dangerous stupidity alert. If you are subject to contagious stupidity, reading further is at your own risk.]

So I’m working, unavoidably, on the same piece of work on two computers. I can do this with what used to be known as the sneaker network – you carry the work from one to the other on a USB (or, in the old days, a floppy disk). So what do I do? I store it in the cloud so that whenever I access it I have the latest version. Which is great for version control, but not so good if you are having internet access problems. So now I can’t get at a vital piece of work on either computer. I can’t believe I did this, especially since work provided me with a 4GB USB drive.
Final solution was to get a temporary internet connection, download the paper pronto. And get a new computer from work, my third in two months.  I started blushing now every time I contact IT support. :(

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