Friday, April 10, 2009

Dili traffic 2

I saw it all today, but unfortunately captured very little on film. I saw 5 on a single motor bike (and the woman looked possibly pregnant).

I saw 5 guys hanging out the door of a "mikrolet" (the minibuses that are the cheap form of transport around here. Think about that for a second. The guy at the front can hang onto the door frame. The guy at the back can't quite do the same as the sliding door gets in the way, although he can if he faces backwards. That is apparently not an option, from my observations. Even the one in this photo has only glanced backwards.

So what you had was the front one (who is the conductor) gripping the frame and the seat and all others hanging by their fingers to the rain guttering!

The attached photo really is the one that got away. When I took it, they were straight in front of me, when the camera went off this is all I got.

If you look closely, the mother is sitting sidesaddle, as she has a skirt on. She is holding a small boy between herself and the father.

Completely obscured is the second child in front of the father.

I was in a taxi, stuck at a red light and by the time we could go, they were out of sight.

About the only thing Three Strokes ever told me about cameras that I understood was that lag time was a killer. I agreed with him at the time and do so even more now.

On the subject of cameras, photos etc, I have set up a Flickr account, where I will post photos. That way you can look at them if you want to without being forced to load them as a consequence of accessing this page. I'll try to put a permanent link to it on the sidebar.

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